Post Conference Workshop

Friday 18 September
9:00am - 4.00pm

Sanctuary Golf Resort
Bunbury WA

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An Easy Small Steps Process to an Effective Environmental Management System

Presented by Jean Cannon

If you’re concerned about our planet, worried about how your business is going to cope with climate and legislative changes, and you are wondering what you as a business owner can do to not only help the planet but also save money into the bargain, then this workshop is the most important you have ever attended.

Please let me explain.  My name is Jean Cannon and I have been helping businesses like your implement ISO 14001 EMS systems for eleven years.  Many other EMS programs base use similar industry based environmental management plans and these inevitably omit some of the site and activity specific impacts and then they include things really don’t apply to your business because they are too generic. 

I think we all know that one size does not fit all and seldom really fits anybody.  I will teach you how to use a special thinking tool called mind mapping that easily accesses thoughts from both sides of the brain.  This is a more natural way of thinking and makes a very effective planning and even auditing tool.

In this full day workshop, you will use mind-mapping to identify all your activities and build an environmental management plan that is truly specific to your business and location and which identifies clearly the resources you need to make sure that your plan works and goes on working. 

The workshop is very practical and down to earth with no jargon.  During the one day you will cover the majority of the first module of “It Is Easy to Be Green” 3 step ISO 14001 training and consultancy program.  And I will five you the full module on a CD and include three follow up teleconference sessions to help you complete the module and make sure that you have been able to resolve your questions or problems.  This means that you complete the workshop in your own workplace so that you are surrounded by the issues you are managing. 

In this workshop package, you will receive:

  • The entire first module materials on a CD
    • a series of 4 PowerPoint files as PDF files,
    • a number of helpful forms and templates and
    • full audio consultancy/training files
  • An invitation to 3 follow up teleconference calls
  • The recordings of the teleconferences in case you are unable to attend and also so that you can concentrate on the teleconference without needing to take notes. 
  • An opportunity to take this further and complete ISO 14001 for under $2,000 total by adding the additional two modules in an online group.

Cost: Special EMS conference price of only $200+GST ($220 inc), usually $880 +GST

The Easy to Be Green ISO 14001 Program

The workshop and follow up phone calls makes up the first module of three modules in the ISO 14001 program.  I do realise that not all businesses want to do ISO 14001, for a wide variety of reasons so it has been structured so that completing first two modules gives you an effective EMS, including the S for system that is so often omitted.  The third module goes the extra mile for ISO 14001 certification readiness.

If you want to complete your EMS by joining Modules 2 and 3 in a online group, the additional modules will cost you $880 +gst each.  BUT if you pay for both modules up front, you get a 10% discount.  This means that the full cost of ISO 14001 would be only $1980 inc. for a fully coached and supported program. 

You will complete the modules over a three-four month time frame so that you get “bite sized” downloads each week with weekly teleconferences to answer any questions or problems and you get email support when ever it is needed.