EMSA is about ideas

A forum for the exchange of ideas

From 1996 to 2010 EMSA, convened a series of events that hit the mark in terms of practical, thought-provoking ideas about management mystems and cultural change. Presentations from respected practitioners covered a wide range of issues from landscape management to automated vehicle assembly systems, legal requirements and hazard identification and risk.

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EMSA is about people

A network of people with a passion for improved environmental performance

More than 500 people from around Australia and overseas have registered with EMSA as members, conference and workshop participants and email subscribers. The interactions, friendships and professional associations formed through EMSA's networks weave a rich tapestry of influence throughout Australia's environmental management ecosystem in government, business and the community

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Vale Dr Genevieve Caruthers, EMSA's founder and President

Genevieve passed away on 2nd January 2015 from breast cancer related illness. She was a passionate and engaging advocate for improving environmental outcomes through the implementation of management systems

Genevieve served the agricultural community for 20 years through her work with NSW Department of Primary industries. She acquired an extensive knowledge of standards and management systems. With the ISO 14000 EMS as a focal point, Genevieve created a rich hub of creative thinking through her advocacy, networking and writing. In every aspect of her professional and personal live, Genevieve gave tirelessly and selflessly of herself to those around her. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends.

Our Sponsors and supporting organisations

The support from a wide range of government, business and community organisations, large and small gave life to EMSA and enabled it's members to gather, network and be inspired by the information, ideas and experiences gained by interacting with people whose passion and commitment to improved environmental outcomes has contibuted to a more sustainable future.