About EMSA

The Environmental Management Systems Association is a non-profit, national incorporated Association founded in 2006. It was active until 2011, hosting four national conferences and a number or workshops.

We are currently not accepting membership for the association. If you are interested in EMS please call Genevieve Carruthers, founding President, on 0422 447969, or email her on president@ems.asn.au 

Download the EMSA Constitution (54KB PDF)

The Association was established to support organisations and individuals committed to improving environmental outcomes in their business practices. The association seeks to foster environmental management system practices through the use of EMS and associated tools, thereby giving the discipline currency and credibility.

The 2008 EMSA 2nd annual conference demonstrated that the implementation, maintenance, and/or development of an environmental management system extended far beyond primary production and natural resource management, with attendance coming from a broad range of government and industry groups. This intense interest and support for EMSA meant the association will evolve into a peak Australian association, supporting businesses and governments wishing to attain best practice environmental management, and who wish to share their experiences and knowledge with others, providing support and information.   

The Association encourages the following approach to best practice environmental management:

  • The principles of ecologically sustainable development
  • International and national standards
  • Codes of practice relevant to the industry sector
  • Best practice environmental management guidelines, policies and tools relevant to the government or industry sector
  • Regional, local and catchment plans to achieve targets therein
  • State Environmental Planning Policies
  • National Environmental Protection Measures 

The EMS Association has the following objectives:

  • To foster the use of environmental management systems by individuals, non-government organisations, not-for profit organisations, businesses and government entities.
  • To further information exchange of best practice environmental management, EMS, and the associated benefits.
  • To foster environmental management innovation and support industry and policy development.
  • To promote a community of practice, knowledge and understanding about the approach to best practice environmental management and EMS.