2009 National EMS Conference

International management systems for better environmental outcomes

15 - 17 September 2009
Sanctuary Golf Resort
Bunbury WA

You are invited to the 2009 EMS Conference to experience the diverse ways EMSs are being used by a broad range of industries, businesses and agencies in the international and Australian arenas.

This is an excellent opportunity to increase your own knowledge of EMS and contribute to the on-going development of EMS policy, support and research in Australia.

The Conference features a wide range of presenters from the processing, business, agriculture, certification, auditing and accreditation, Government, natural resource management, consultancy, education and research sectors, who bring a wealth of expertise in EMS to the Conference. They will speak in formal and informal sessions on:

  • Specific environmental issues being addressed with the EMS process
  • Use and application of Standards
  • The need for rigorous assessment and reporting of outcomes
  • Needs and ways to embed improved performance into sustainable business practices.
  • Bridging the gaps between managers, regulators, consumers and customers.

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