Fundamentals of Auditing Workshop

Monday 11 October, 10am - 4:30pm
Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront Campus
Presented by Dr Tim Hamilton

This workshop is a basic “how to audit” for people who have not received formal audit training and who may be called on to do internal audits (environmental or other).  Hints will also be given on how to prepare (as the auditee) for an external audit. The sessions will include examples, short case studies and exercises.

Presenter Dr Tim Hamilton is CEO of Environment Essentials and is a certified lead environmental auditor.  He also specialises in design and implementation of environmental management systems, and is the author of the EnviroLaw legal obligations directory.

The workshop will cover

  • Terminology auditors use
  • Audit methodology and process
  • Making audit judgements
  • Audit reporting
  • Preparation before the auditor arrives
  • During the audit
  • Hints about documentation

How to book

  • As a package with the two-day conference - $630 for EMSA members and $750 for non members at Early Bird rate
    This is a saving of $115 on the full price.
  • Workshop only - $250

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