Delegate Feedback for 1st National EMS Forum

1. What were two issues raised at the Forum that were the most relevant to your current work/thinking on EMS?

  • Legal due diligence
  • Case studies
  • How can we develop partnerships to get national recognition and support of EMS
  • Get and keep people engaged in EMS
  • Too many models and different versions of industry based EMS
  • The need to simplify the process and link to NRM bodies, targets and funding
  • EMS in manufacturing and construction sections
  • Eco-mapping methodology
  • What’s in an EMS for me
  • Importance of communication
  • Purists vs pragmatists
  • Integration of EMS into supply chain or product certification
  • Integration of EMS into NRM or CMA group processes
  • Forming a cohesive EMS purpose message to prospective participants
  • Returning with diverse groups to achieve goals of EMS
  • Marketing of EMS to potential users
  • EMS – an alternative to legislation
  • Need to have one central process – then be customised to suit individuals
  • Engaging additional/potential stakeholders
  • “Pull drivers” vs “push” supply (of EMS certified products/services)
  • A practical approach to EMS is required
  • EMS participants need ongoing support
  • Opportunities, eco-labelling /branding of EMS principles and standards whilst maintaining flexible delivery options / platforms eg. WA tourism branding
  • Keeping EMS relevant to farmers
  • Developing uniformity in application of EMS training, facilitation and certification

2. What contribution do you believe you can make to progressing the use of EMS within Australia / your industry? (eg. Training, support/mentoring,  ‘marketing EMS’, provision of technical information etc.)

  • Marketing and communication for awareness and adoption
  • Eco-mapping
  • Share lessons and provide a framework for training, provision of technical information, support and accessing funds
  • Training / mentoring other trainers
  • EMS design and implementation methodology
  • Advice on EMS legal obligations
  • Interpreter – take the large documents and all its jargon and acronyms and put it into a language that is practical and relevant and wanted
  • Provide linkages and exchange of practices we develop in Wisconsin with our EMS friends in Australia
  • Promote EMS to our CMAs and landholders

3. Which other groups do you think would have benefited from attending the Forum?

  • Industry associations
  • Government (Federal & State) agencies / representatives at a higher level so they can support what’s going on
  • Industry (open mind)
  • Local catchment bodies
  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Land development industry
  • Industry groups responsible for developing EMS’s
  • Supply chain representatives
  • Indigenous people with underpinned(perhaps spiritual) connection to land
  • Bio diversity specialists etc. (a few nay sayers)
  • Greater farmer and local landcare group presence

4. Did you find the mixture of papers and presentation styles effective in creating discussion about EMS?

  • YES = 17
  • NO = 1
  • Needs more balance toward industry
  • The small number of attendees helped in enabling informal dialogue

5. If not, how would you like to see this achieved?

  • Larger cross section of industry, agriculture and government etc.
  • More time for short case studies (with succinct “moral of the story” summaries would be useful)
  • Hold field trip on first or second day – not at the end, gives people tangible experience to generate ideas and discussion during the forum

6. What themes would you like the Association to explore in future events?

  • Tools developed and used to close the continuous improvement cycle i.e. monitoring tools, workshops etc.
  • EMS design, development and implementation strategies
  • Tiered approach (eg. ALMS)
  • Approved linkages to NRM bodies
  • Simplify the facts – it doesn’t have to be hard / time consuming
  • What it is (technical jargon target out)
  • Benefits and future impacts
  • Driving adoption
  • How to identify/promote/develop the “down-stream” drivers for EMS eg. sustainability, market expectation (changes), climate change
  • Integration with the organic industry
  • Social issues / benefits of EMS’s measurement or value assignment of intangible benefits
  • Positive stories
  • Development of a national framework for property / farm management systems – one that includes QA, safety, quality and EMS
  • More presentations from farmers and small industry about what they want from EMS, not what we want for them
  • Models of engagement (community and industry)
  • Marketing EMS – farmers and small landholders

7. What do you believe are three key policy areas for EMS and EMSA should focus on?

  • National recognition / standard
  • Industry based EMS problems
  • One size fits all (no industry based EMS)
  • Link EMS to regional NRM body funds for on-ground works
  • Environment, sustainability & adaptive management
  • Driving adoption, compatibility between systems (i.e. standardization) and promoting industry EMS professionals
  • EMS as a cross section and supply chain unifying factor
  • Corporate (eg. Woolworths etc) involvement to help ‘standardisation’ of standard and become ‘peak’ body for EMS in Australia
  • Promote EMS to industry groups
  • Continue to involve Federal Government in EMS
  • Promote a single central process
  • Statement of why EMSA exists – one that is meaningful for those not engaged
  • Marketing EMS
  • National commitment to EMS
  • Government recognition, industry recognition and industry uniformity

8. How can EMSA help you promote your business/industry EMS Activity?

  • Lowering the barriers to EMS for business
  • Have news updates regularly for all EMS providers or stakeholders
  • Value added product, environmentally & ecologically sustainable
  • Including my company details on your website under ‘service providers’
  • A list of green products
  • Exchange of learning, successful case studies, new roles for governments, private consultants to support change
  • More active ‘advertising’ / promotion
  • Include CMA’s in promotion
  • By providing a broad cross-industry (+ cross-sector), independent body that identifies and communicates the drivers, benefits etc of EMS approaches
  • By making the EMS approach easier (simpler?) to apply
  • Through communicating good news stories to farmers / community /  industry / NRM sector and illustrating what works, not what doesn’t  work
  • This forum worked well

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