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Ecomapping, a tool for improved EMS up-take.

Roger Carthew

Adelaide, South Australia


In the face of rising global environmental challenges, business is confronted by competitive markets within which environmental performance will become increasingly more important.

In addition to the environmental imperative there is now, as dramatically demonstrated in the Stern Report, the economic imperative.

The advent of carbon trading has added to this realization by business of the necessity of an appropriate environmental management system (EMS) to manage and measure their environmental impacts – a far cry from 2004/5 which saw a fall in ISO14001 within Australia.

Worldwide the simplest and most cost effective EMS is shown to be Ecomapping, a tool which the European Union is rolling out to all 27 member countries because it forms the baseline assessment which seamlessly leads to, via the ISOEasy tool, an ISO14001 certifiable system. Following the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology it is a low cost model which easily integrates into the way a business functions. The cost of installation of an EMS using this method has typically been found to be 1/3rd the cost of conventional methods.

In just ten A4 pages, Ecomapping provides a snapshot of the environmental footprint of a business at a particular point in time while providing the basis of a certifiable EMS.

Speaking notes

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!
Source: Unknown

EMS Take Up

The Global Picture

End 2005 111,162 ISO 14001 certifications in 138 countries. Up 24% from 2004


End 2005 1,178 ISO 14001 Certifications

We lost 120 certifications, down by 5.3% from 2004

Globally there are over 80million businesses

EMS take up world wide is approximately 0.13 % of all businesses organisations or 1 in 700 businesses in the 9 years since the 1996 release of ISO 14000

What Motivates and Moves business? The actions of your

  • shareholders
  • customers
  • employees
  • suppliers
  • community
  • others

In an Open Free Market


  • Land
  • Labour
  • Capital
  • Materials


  • Products
  • Waste


  • the environmental impacts ?

Profit = Revenue - Costs

The Market & Stakeholders are the Governor

  • The primary driver Stakeholder values
  • Through Education and Awareness-raising the values of stakeholders may change!

“Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.”
Benjamin Disraeli
1804 to 1881

Profit = Revenue - Costs

The new responsibilities for the business to manage

  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Green House Gas Neutrality
  • Land Management Stewardship
  • Resource eco-efficiency

Revenues and Costs

The Revenue Story

  • Market your product or service based on your environmental credentials to sell more and/or gain a better price
  • What “values” can I build into my product/service and in so doing meet the customers needs

The Costs Story

  • Pick the low hanging fruit first.
  • Use cost effective environmentally friendly technologies
  • With time diminishing returns will arrive

Internal barriers to EMS adoption

  • The lack of human resources rather than financial ones is the major internal barrier to EMS implementation and becomes increasingly important as the size of the company decreases.
  • Practical problems with EMS
  • Environmental aspects and assign significance
  • How to achieve internal auditor independence in SME
  • SMEs are largely ill-informed about EMSs
  • EMS implementation is an interrupted and interruptible process in SMEs.

External barriers to EMS adoption

  • Support and guidance to implement EMS s
  • Gaining consistent quality information
  • Experienced consultants of good quality
  • Slow Funding mechanisms
  • Lack of sector specific guidance
  • Material tailored to different sizes of firms
  • Insufficient drivers for EMS Adoption
  • Uncertainty about the market benefits of EMS
  • High costs associated with being certified to ISO 14001
  • SMEs face inconsistencies in and barriers from the certification and verification systems


  • National Sustainability Strategies: Vietnam Belgique Tunis Australia?
  • Stakeholders Needs and expectations
  • Multinationals: Clean Take over and Risk management
  • ISO 14001 for Kyoto and emission trading
  • Investment policy
  • Integration of approaches before 2010
  • Searching for the SME Graal
  • Make it easier …

We need to transform the way we do business

How do we do this?

  • Follow the conventional path to EMS
  • ecomapping
  • With the add on ISO Easy Module

Simplify Environmental Improvement with Ecomapping

Ecomapping provides an entry level with the lowest barriers to adoption

  • Records what is being done
  • Integrates into the business operations
  • Absolutely minimal paperwork
  • Starts the process of PDCA
  • Builds teamwork within organisations
  • As an optional extra can lead to an EMS…with an add on module called ISOEasy

Ecomapping is visual and about maps

Maps? 80 % of environmental relevant information is location based

Environmental Problems
in Micros 50% bad practise and attitudes

Environmental Problems in Micros 50% bad practise and attitudes

  • Threat to groundwater ?
  • Any old oil tanks ?
  • Soil pollution ?
  • In case of accidents ?
  • Proper storage areas ?
  • Practice ?
  • Volumes ?
  • Legal obligations
  • Good house keeping

Ecomapping helps to focus

7 Ecomaps

  • Sitemap
  • Water
  • Soil storage
  • Energy map
  • Air noise smell
  • Waste
  • Risk

Mini environmental audit - 120 seconds

  • First rapid assessment based on workers perception
  • Fast opinion poll
  • Workers implication
  • Basis for an EMS action plan

Material flows: The business black box

Recording the material flows

Ecomapping toolbox in 10 STEPS

Light procedures, corrective action for ISO 14001 and EMAS = the step stones

How to move from an environmental screenshot and visual + location based approach to a lasting management system and to continual improvement and to ISO 14001 ?

Mission impossible ?

Cost Comparisons!


  • 10 person SME, you can have in 10 pages a base line assessment in 10 man hours (one hour per person)

ISO Easy to ISO 14001 Certification

• In clusters the cost of consultants is typically 1/3rd of conventional installations. In Europe typically around €1,500 using ISOEasy.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Ecomapping helps you

  • Identify
  • Measure
  • Manage

For improvement

“Economic performance is the first responsibility of the business. Economic performance is the base without which a business cannot discharge any other responsibilities, cannot be a good employer good citizen, a good neighbour….Every organisation must assume full responsibility for its impact on employees, the environment, customers and whomever and whatever it touches.
That is its social responsibility.”
Peter Drucker, Business management guru.
“On the Profession of Management”
1909 -2005

The business model of the future will see sustainable business behaviour as the only way to manage

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