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Contributed papers

Relevance of EMS to Industries and Agencies

Integration of Management Systems – The Taylors Wines Journey
Andy Chambers and Richard Furler

Vegetable Growers Walking the Walk on Environmental Assurance
Susie Murphy White1 and Gavin Foord2

New Zealand Pastoral Industry Environmental Programmes and their Relevance to Lakes Water Quality issues in the Rotorua Area
John Paterson1, Tony Pearse2 and Christina Grogan 3

Relevance of EMS to industries and agencies
Mick Dawes

Medicare Australia’s EMU Awareness Package
Andrea McDougall

Agencies applying EMS through infusion, not confusion
Bryce Routley and Tara Ingerson


Is it just about the carbon? – The Adelaide Hills Wine Region Cluster Group Approach.
Andy Chambers and Richard Furler

Is Carbon a Competitor or a Subset of EMS?
Jean Cannon

Climate change and the emergence of the carbon sector – what are the broader opportunities for environmental management?

Integration of Management Systems

How do you develop and achieve integrated EMS? Learning outcomes from working with horticultural industries and catchment management bodies.
Claire Ellis

Price premium is not yet the reward: reward and recognition for EMS users
Kathe Purvis

Integrated management systems for broadacre agriculture: industry working together to meet market requirements
Danielle R England1 and John D Noonan2 3

Recognition & Rewards for EMS Users

EMS as a component, complimenting the total management system: integration of management systems.
Kathe Purvis

How Should we Reward EMS?
Jean Cannon

Climate Change and International Markets for Australian Food Exports
Jonathan Creese1 and Nicki Marks2

1Department of Primary Industries, 18/1 Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. Email

EMS assisting legal compliance – Tiwest Kwinana’s experience
Janine Prosser

Water Corporation’s Environmental Management System – Driving Improved Compliance
Rod Brooks1 and Chris Cutress2

Sharing the Responsibility for Environmental Management

Crossing the ravine safely: how might EMS approaches help regional NRM bodies to bridge the gap between on-farm and catchment environmental outcomes?
Chris Reid1, Eloise Seymour2 and Suzanne Johnstone1

Give EMS a go---by removing institutional constraints
Tony Gleeson

Education of Australian Landholders in the use of Integrated EMS
Fiona Watts

Livingedge EMS implementation Journey
Ambika Zutshi1 Jade Brain2 and Mary Holmes3

Sharing the responsibility for environmental management: The role of a Sustainability Committee
Jade Brain

Land Monitor: data products and web map access
Nicoel Trudgeon

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