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Future Food and Fibre Project

Jillian Staton


We all use the words ‘EMS’ and ‘sustainability’, but what do they actually mean? And, perhaps more importantly, can we show the people in our community real examples of EMS and sustainability in action?

The Future Food & Fibre Project has challenged us to look beyond the buzzwords. We have sought out primary producers in every food and fibre sector – meat, fish, wool, cropping, dairy, eggs and horticulture – to discover how they are managing their natural resources for the future. We’ve then asked a selection of producers to share their experiences with the broader community.

We have taken members of the public on-farm, and even on-water, to give them an understanding of each producer’s business and environmental goals, and the challenges facing their enterprise. We’ve asked the producers to give us specific examples of the strategies they take to manage their environmental risk, and how they use EMS as a business tool.

Our case studies reflect the diverse range of sustainability approaches within Gippsland. They emphasise that there are many different roads leading to sustainability – some are wide, some are less travelled, and some primary producers are a little further down the track than others.

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