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Use of EMS amongst oyster growers in the Clyde River (

Kevin McCash


The Clyde River Oyster Growers (CROG) commenced their EMS development in March 2006. The group wanted to build on their intimate understanding of the estuarine environment and its management and meet their responsibilities for sustainable oyster production. Further, the group wanted to work with the community and natural resource managers to ensure the health and productivity of the river, and ensure an on-going and safe production system. Maintaining regional employment and investment were additional targets.

An initial cluster group worked with Seafood Services Australia and a Tasmanian oyster farmer to gain an understanding of the EMS process, and the benefits one could bring. This initial cluster group has subsequently expanded, and with support from the Southern Rivers Catchment CMA, SeaNet, and a range of researchers, (supported by funding by CROG and State and Regional Development), a larger group of participants has developed. Outcomes to date include an increased group cohesion and operation, and recognition of the environmental issues facing the region. This case study will outline the aims and development of the Clyde River EMS, and also present some of the future plans.

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