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The role of EMS in Climate Change: giving your ISO 14001 system a climate change health check

Matthias Gelber1 and Genevieve Carruthers 2

1 Director, International Network of Environmental Management, Malaysia Email
Environmental System Specialist, NSW Department of Primary Industries Email


While new ISO publications dealing with greenhouse gas accounting and verification are being increasingly utilised, the existing ISO 14001 process provides a powerful tool to mitigate climate change effects through improved business management. As the process has already been widely implemented through a range of businesses across the world, it is more efficient to build on these existing systems to better manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, rather than starting afresh. This paper will examine the use of ISO 14001 currently and propose a series of ‘checks’ that can be applied by any business with an extant EMS to assess whether GHG issues are being adequately addressed by the EMS.

Key Words

EMS, ISO 14001, climate change

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