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Ecomapping and Environmental Improvement in the Print Industry

Roger Carthew



When confronted with the need to begin the sustainability journey, most are stumped on the, “how to”. The ecomapping tool clearly answers this “How to” question. And in an elegant way, can lead to an EMS if the user chooses.

Within the context of a typical SME, the problem of “how to reduce environmental impacts” is addressed.

It begins with the process of recognising the need, identifying the means for addressing the problem, use of the ecomapping tool and reporting the outcomes. The case study will report results, the most notable being a 58% reduction in CO2 emissions linked to electricity usage.

Investigating the participatory, co-operative nature of ecomapping and its ability to build knowledge and awareness, its role in behavioural change and building sustainability is demonstrated.

Integral to this is improved resource utilisation, processes modification and management review of the outcomes. Piloting this process has been aided by use of the EMS Control Panel. A brief flight test will be provided. Once back on the ground the latest micro environmental report on two A4 pages will demonstrate the powerful reductions that can be achieved in resource utilisation, emissions and wastes.

Further opportunities and use of the tool within the print industry are detailed. Additional experience and opportunities for use of the tool in a number of different sectors will also be touched upon.

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