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Using applied research to verify industry sustainability and holistic EMS approaches

David Menzies


Forest production related activities impact on the environment. Cognisant of this, Private Forestry Southern Queensland (PFSQ) promotes sustainable production of value products subject to sound environmental management based upon a system of applied research.

Over many years PFSQ has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) for privately owned native forests. The systems in place aim to ensure that privately owned forests are managed in a way to minimise the impact on the forest ecology and biodiversity whilst maintaining a highly productive forest. With funding supplied by DAFF’s ‘EMS Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture’ PFSQ has coordinated the transferability and applicability of an EMS that looks at forestry on privately owned property. PFSQ is also exploring the use of web-based systems to provide landholders with a holistic approach to environmental management systems. It is envisioned that these systems will encompass the full range of activities, aspects and impacts across multiple enterprises conducted on properties across Southern Queensland and ultimately Australia.

To better understand the activities, aspects and impacts of forest management in privately owned forests, PFSQ has established a series of monitoring plots across different properties to follow growth and stand structural attributes through time. It is envisaged that this system of applied research will in time demonstrate the effectiveness of EMS used on privately owned native forests in Southern Queensland.

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