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EMS Innovations in the US

Susan Sakaki

Sustainable Earth Initiative


In the United States (US), many corporations operating internationally have implemented environmental management systems (EMS). What may be unique, however, is the extent to which the public sector has also been engaged in EMS development. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the PEER (Public Entity EMS Resource) Center program to bring EMS tools to public sector organizations, including municipalities, public utilities, universities, and state and local governments. Presidential Executive Orders issued in the 1990’s directed federal agencies to implement EMSs, and several states launched programs that encouraged or required EMS implementation. Under the leadership of the PEER Center, the EMS approach has also been applied to regions, linking community organizations and forging public-private partnerships. Finally, some organizations have found the EMS framework and process useful for managing sustainability initiatives and greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

Key Words

environmental management systems, PEER Center, federal, state, regional, sustainability

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