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EMS and Change

Chris Reid

North East Catchment Management Authority


The North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has been offering environmental management systems (EMS) training to landholders since 2003. EMS is seen as a process that incorporates catchment targets with productive viability in a manner that is acceptable to both landholders and catchment managers. The acceptance and uptake of this free training has been varied across the catchment and some interesting observations can be made. Proactive, rather than reactive approaches to land management by landholders vary considerably across the region. We have observed that landholders in some areas, which are historically familiar with change, or belong to industry groups that compete on the international market, have a positive attitude to using an EMS. Other groups, perhaps where historically they have had little control over markets, are slower to recognise the positive, proactive gains that EMS can afford them.

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