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Corporate Sustainability & EMS

Mark Roberts1 and Jade Brain2

1 Coomes Consulting Group, Email Ph (03) 99937907
Coomes Consulting Group Email Ph (03) 99937914


Today Corporate Sustainability stands for adapting to a changing environment with well thought out solutions and answers to long term questions. In the past Corporate Sustainability lacked business purpose but by incorporating an Environmental Management System (EMS) into a company’s Sustainability Strategy means it’s not just a system but a means of reflecting your company’s Values & Business Drivers. The traditional focus of EMS at an operational level has now evolved into a more dynamic process of initiating strategic change which means commitment to sustainability isn’t tested or ruled by a company’s financial performance.

Coomes Consulting are currently working with Livingedge (an Australian owned company that supplies top end design furniture to the marketplace) on implementing an EMS within their Corporate Sustainability Strategy where their key focus areas are People, Product & Planet.  A significant Environmental Objective & Target for Livingedge is the measuring of their Carbon Footprint with the objective of achieving Carbon Neutrality within their business.  The initial process will establish a baseline relating to their carbon emissions as a means of monitoring & measuring their greenhouse gas emissions.

Having their EMS embedded inside their Corporate Sustainability Strategy means that implementing change and continual improvement isn’t just operational but stems from the business’s purpose & values. When significant paradigm shifts occur (e.g. climate change or technological developments) at either a global or local level, it’s reflected within the company’s sustainability strategy, making it a journey for staff and stakeholders to participate in and gain ownership of along the way.

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