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EMS as a means for integrating sustainable behaviour into business

Roger Carthew



The case study presents the activities which have been on-going since 2004 to improve the organisation’s performance.

From the start of 2007 there has been the formalised structure of an EMS within which this activity has been carried on. Eco-mapping has provided the base-line assessment tool and ISO Easy the EMS structure within which this could all come together.

The presentation will make extensive use of photographs; before and after with a brief review of the results attained in a number of key environmental performance indicators.

The business is typical of many in Australia. Like them it has a staff of about twenty; sells locally, nationally and internationally. The supply chain is one that is again, local, national and international and raw materials are very frequently sourced direct from overseas.

The business is daily confronted with intense price competition from Chinese imports and yet wishes to take responsibility for a number of environmental and community activities which cut across the ideas of cost minimisation in the face of this competitive pressure.

It will be demonstrated that business can integrate ideas of sustainable behaviour whilst meeting the economic imperative.

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