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Mainstreaming EMS in the manufacturing sector

Di Dibley


Environmental Management Systems are now an integral part of corporate management in the manufacturing sector. The main drivers influence the uptake of EMS are compliance, fiduciary care, risk management and resource efficiency. Increasingly regulation is requiring the production of environmental action plans and reporting on environmental performance. Examples include the National Packaging Covenant, the Commonwealth Energy Efficiency Opportunities program and mandatory water and energy programs in the states. Changes in the Corporations Law and State Legislation have placed responsibility for environmental damage on company directors. Banks and Insurers are increasingly demanding the minimisation of environmental risk to reduce financial or insurance risks. In the context of climate change aggravated drought and the implications for water availability and energy use, companies are positioning themselves to deal with increased energy and water costs and prescriptive regulation of energy and water use.

The Australian Industry Group provides technical assistance to its members through an Energy & Sustainable Business Help Desk. Case studies demonstrate the value of a comprehensive approach to environmental management achieved through the adoption of EMS.

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